Finding a Driver for the “eHome Infrared Transceiver”

Originally posted November 20, 2008.

I have an older Toshiba laptop that I’ve had set up as an experimental media center box for a while now, running MediaPortal on top of Windows XP Pro. The thing has been working very well so far, except for one major problem — no matter how hard I tried, I could not get Windows XP Pro to recognize the receiver for the generic Media Center remote control I had picked up off of NewEgg.

Initially, I picked up a Logitech Harmony 550 remote, hoping I could make it work with the laptop’s built-in IrDA transceiver, but to no avail — the IrDA unit apparently cannot communicate on the Consumer IR spectrum that a standard remote control uses. Not one to be easily defeated, I picked up a cheap, generic Windows Media Center remote control and receiver. I plugged the receiver in and, to my dismay, Windows was unable to locate a driver for the device.

After months of sporadic attempts and research, I finally found the solution. Under Windows XP, the receiver will show up under “Other devices” in the Device Manager as an “eHome Infrared Transceiver”, sporting an exclamation mark badge over a question mark — missing drivers. Windows Update turns up nothing, and a patch for Windows XP MCE that is suggested by many seems to not help anything either.

Make it work! To install the drivers for the device, follow these steps:

You should now be good to go! I just discovered this earlier this evening and was very excited, so I figured I’d make a post about it to save others the pain and heartache that I experienced.

Additional Note: In order for the correct driver to appear, you may need to install this update. It is for XP MCE 2005 but should also install cleanly on XP.

Second additional note (December 2009): It’s worth mentioning that the remote and receiver work perfectly out of the box on Windows 7 (as I assume they would also on Vista, though I never tried).