Replacing ignition coils in 2004 Mazda MPV

Turns out the Mazda MPV, unlike most of the older cars that I’ve been familiar with, has an ignition coil for each cylinder — six coils in total.┬áLong story short, failed ignition coils seem to be a common problem in Mazda MPVs from 2001 through 2006. My first failed coil happened about a year ago, and manifested itself through hesitation and jerking while driving once the engine had warmed up, along with a check engine light. When it happened the first time, I took it to the dealership and had the coil replaced for around $250 total (roughly half parts, half labor).

About two months ago, the car started jerking and hesitating again, and it gradually got to the point where it took a good amount of gas-pedal-coaxing to get it to hold 25 mph up a steepish hill. I decided that rather than taking it in to the dealership for another $250, I’d just order a new set of coils and replace all six at once myself. This ended up being a little more work than I had anticipated, but, all in all, was a great success and not too difficult, and certainly well worth the potentially huge savings I netted by avoiding a trip to the shop.

Firstly, the subject of acquiring the coils. The coils seem to run anywhere from $65 to $100 when ordered individually or purchased from an auto parts place. Here is what you are looking for:

  • Motorcraft part DG513.
  • Standard part UF406.

Now, rather than paying a lot for all six and buying them individually, order a set of six from Amazon using the link here. It should run $209.99 plus shipping, which is a great price for the set of six. These will fit a 2002 through 2005 MPV, and possibly a year or two under or over.

You’ll need a ratchet with a few metric sockets (8mm, 10mm and 12mm). You’ll also need a short extension, and if you want to replace the spark plugs while you’re in there (I highly recommend you do so), you’ll need a longer (8″ or so) extension and a 5/8″ spark plug socket.

I took pictures while I did mine, but ended up losing them later. For a detailed description of how to replace the coils, visit this great post on the forums.

70 thoughts on “Replacing ignition coils in 2004 Mazda MPV

  1. Rick Molera

    Replacing ignition coils in 2004 Mazda MPV:

    GREAT information! My Bride and I purchased an MPV 2004 mazda, with 79K miles, in February. We started having problems with hesitation and jerking, starting in April.

    So, I found this fantastic site which provided the link required to purchase six new ignition coils and six new plugs – $150. I then took the new parts to my honest mechanic who replaced all six, both sets, for $250. Total cost = $400.

    We just took a vacation to Las Vegas, 625 miles round trip. The MPV ran GREAT!

    post script: A knowledgeable Checker Auto Part specialist echoed the fact that original Mazda ignition coils were JUNK. The after market replacements have proven to be much more dependable.

    So, take the advice on this site, replace all six coils and plugs! Your MPV minivan will run like new! Six cylinder powered engine, unleashed!

    Thanks for all the fantastic advice!

    Happy MPV owner in Phoenix AZ!


  2. Keith Taylor

    In 2004, I puchased a new MPV for my wife. I must say, it has been a perfect fit for her, and a good van for the family. Now, with nearly 70k on it, we are addressing a second coil issue. After reading all the comments, I now know this is going to be a re-occurring problem. After these latest repairs, we will be selling the van. I must admit, I will miss it. Thank you all for the insight.

  3. rich

    Hi I have a 2005 MPV and it was running fine. Now it just cranks but won’t start. I hear the fuel pump kicking in but just won’t start. It seems like it wants to when the gas pedal is pressed but once release it boggs n shuts off. Any suggestions?

  4. Andrea Bertolo

    I have the same problem with my 2004 MPV van. I just had to get another one replaced (this will be 4) & the dealer charged me $400!! I tried to get Mazda to pay for it, but they refused & obviously care little about their customers. It should have been a recall, but Mazda would rather screw their customers!

    PS Is anyone’s van also rusting prematurely?

  5. Donelle

    Is it possible we could get a class action lawsuit here? Ignition coil problems have ruined two family vacations and put my kids at risk being stranded on busy highways, etc. Would anyone else be interested in finding an attorney that would represent each and every one of us here against Mazda? I just returned from a one week family vacation, 5 days of which were spent without transportation because our van was in the shop. I am beyond over this!

  6. Mele Welte

    We have had our Mazda 2004 MPV since 2005. It only has 52k miles on it. We are now headed back to the shop for the third time with the ignition coils problems. Exactly a year ago today we got it out of the garage with coils 1-2-3 and spark plugs replaced. It ran fine until about a month ago when it started missing while accelerating. Today the engine warning light came on. We are scheduled for another shop visit next week, estimate at $700 to $800. The previous two shop visits for new ignition coils were covered by an extended warranty we had then, we paid $100 deductible twice. But now it is not a very happy experience to have to pay big bucks for a repair that may happen again in another year. We only drive about 4k a year here in Honolulu. So now I am going to check into buying the parts and finding a good mechanic. We love our van, but this is just too much to have to deal with each year. Yes! As someone recommended, a class action suit would be great if we could find enough unhappy knowledgeable 2001-2005 MPV owners to file a suit
    together. It does seem that this issue should have been a recall by Mazda way back 10 years ago!! Why didn’t they fix this problem after they discovered it in the 2001 and 2002 years??? Thanks to all of you who have given your info here! Much appreciated!! Aloha!

  7. Smshah

    I bought my mazda mpv 2004 brand new. I had to get one plug and coil changed and cost me $600. After six or seven month had to get back and got second coil and plug changed. This was another $600 bucks. I still own my Mazda with 190,404 miles. Running fine. Now I need a new water pump and plugs starting to let go. I will be changing the water pump and all six plugs including the coils. I love this van. I have literary abused this car. Planing to drive to Canada next month from orlando, Florida and back. Made 5 round trips to NJ Florida in 2010.

  8. jldorfman

    The coils on our 2004 MPV started to fail when the car was six years old and had maybe 55,000 miles. We were on the highway 150 miles from home. Fortunately, a gas station directed us to a Mazda dealer who made initial repairs that day. We paid a lot to have the coils fixed by a dealer. My understanding is that the Mazda engine is the same used in the Ford Taurus. Is there a history of faulty coils in the Taurus?
    Also, our latest problem with the MPV is worn out wheel bearings at 8 years and 69,000 miles!

  9. dbrown

    I’ve been having some jerky etc for several months but nothing really serious, mostly when it warms up and at a stop sign. I changed the plugs with a local mechanic but not the coils as my friend who works at a Mazda dealership said wait. Now I’m wishing I had just changed the coil pack. The engine light tripped this morning and after a read it says #2 and #6 misfire. So, I’m going to go ahead and order new packs. The site has one for $15 and one for $47. Which one (price) is the best pack to buy? The $15 one has a 1-year unlimited mile warranty, while the $47 has a 3000 mile or 90-day warranty.

  10. Sandra Kelly

    Hi there, yes my Mazda has same problem!!! I am from Australia and just wondering if anyone knows if I buy the ignition coils off Amazon which is Amrican parts, will they be compatible with my Australian MPV? It is heaps cheaper than buying parts here in Oz.

  11. Pam

    Hi all I have just got a 2004 Mazda van a week ago for what I seen it as a good buy I guess the last owner know it was going to happen with 151 km on it. It’s runny ruff my husband did a code reading on it the erased it don’t now if that’s a type thing to do but it’s working for now ? But I guess I need to fix this also :(

  12. samir

    fix it for good:)) Hi every one I had the same issue with my Mazda van. I been a mechanic for about 7 years on my own, But I would like to share this. The problem with the coil design it self. So if you change the coils on ur own or take it to a mechanic you have to take the coil a part it comes in 2 part if you pull the long part. and that’s where the spring sets in side, you can keep the spring attach to the coil. Now fill the short area where the spring attach to the coil with electric grease. and you will never have this problem again. don’t use the old coils unless its not rusty, the are hard to clean, So if you have over 80k on the car bye new ones. don’t just change them with out using the grease. thank u.

  13. Irwin

    I have same problem of rough driving and idling on Mazda 2004 MPV LX van,
    have only 32900 miles and garage kept car. Looks like ignition coil problems
    described here. Afraid to take it to dealer,will probably cost lots of money. Mazda knows about this problem but has not done anything. No more Mazda
    cars in future.

  14. Angelina

    I have been having trouble with my mazda 2004 for a long time. I would like to get in on this law suit.

  15. Mai Vang

    Hi all. I too have a 2004 Mazda MPV and have had so much trouble with it, a class action lawsuit sounds really nice right about now. Anyway, the van is roughly at 125,000 miles but I’ve been having issues early on, not to mention I bought it brand new. Over the years, I’ve replaced 3 or 4 ignition coils, I think I also replaced spark plugs last year (can’t remember), a catalytic converter (on Mazda), a fan module of some sort because the fan is was always running. It stopped for about a year and now it’s happening again….(sighs). Anyone else has this problem and how to go about fixing it? About 2 months ago, the engine light came on and I neglected it (I’m fed up with the recurring issues) but recently had the codes read and three different people gave me different readings. Codes are P0151, P0152, P0171, P0174 which all points to O2 sensor (Bank 1 and 2 running lean???) and P0300 misfire, which could possibly be due to the other codes. Has anyone had these codes? If so, what did you do to replace it? My uncle and friend are not comprehending why the O2 sensor would come up as one of the codes. I’m planning to buying O2 sensors, ignition coils, and spark plugs from eBay to repair what I think the problem is. Question is, those parts on eBay are priced pretty low compared to other places, are they any good?

  16. Mai

    In addition to what I posted above, I should also add that lately the car to shake/jump while idling at a stop sign/light. At first, I was afraid of the car dying on me, now I shift gear to neutral while idling. Just waiting to get this car fixed.
    Oh and I also replaced 2 batteries (2010 and 2015), not sure if it was related to any of the issues I’ve been having.
    Please if anyone has any ideas how to rid this problem, do share. Thanks!

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